Sunday, 5 April 2015

Eat My Words

Happy Easter! I hope you are all having a lovely day and are enjoying some Free From chocolate! Having finally broken up from school I seized the moment and decided to put my "free time" to good use.....I took some tentative steps into the kitchen and looked what happened!

In a bid to become a little more healthy, I started out by making Hemsley and Hemsley's Paradise Bars.......think Bounty Bars with a healthier twist! After sourcing all the raw cocounutty ingredients I was beginning to think it might have been cheaper to purchase my own Tropical Island! However, inspired by the lovely bars Helen ( created, I soldiered on and produced these......with a Liz Price (aka. messy!) twist!!

I got the recipe from

Probably not what the Hemsley's had in in mind but hey ho! They solidified well.....

and despite much huffing and puffing along the lines of "waste of time"/ "cheaper to buy a Bounty Bar"/ "why do things I make NEVER work out" ......I'll eat my words and will actually make these again! Delicious and worth all the stressing!

Next on my GF baking hit list were Creme Egg brownies, gotta be done at Easter, right?! This is most certainly NOT a Hemsley and Hemsley approved recipe!! Recipe from

Rich, sickly and gooey! If you use the recipe on my link be warned...they need at least an hour to cook not the 20ish mins specified! Still, worked out well and proved a hit with my willing guinea pigs at church this morning!

Finally, for pudding today Mum and Dad were lucky enough to taste my last creation of the week....chocolate orange polenta cake! My most successful baking experience of the week (see, I'm getting better!!) Thanks to for the recipe!

To continue on the Easter theme I would like to say a big GF wooohoooo to Sainsburys for their Hot Cross Buns! I haven't sampled many GF buns but why sample more when I hit perfection the first time! Fab!! I'm hoping they're not just seasonal?!! 

(Not pretty but makes up for it on Hot Cross Bunniness!!)

Soooooo, I took myself off to Broadway Market yesterday to buy some bones (bear with me, I'll get on to the bones!) It always pleases me to see GF foodie items on the rise in markets like this!

I was lucky enough to sample a tasty Johnny Cake from Boss Hoss Streetfood 
(, made from corn and stuffed with bbq chicken and black beans (veggie options were available).

For pudding, I was spoilt for choice from eat'N'mess ( but went for this naughty s'mores cheesecakey/ slice

I need to be getting back to Broadway Market ASAP, just too much to choose!

Anywaaaaaay, to finish let me tell you about the bones.......

I must apologise, wholeheartedly to my very dear friend (you know who you are!). When she told me she was making Hemsley and Hemsley's bone broth I laughed.... well actually, I scoffed!!! A month later and I'm eating my words (gluten free obviously!!!) After stumbling across some info online it became apparent that this bone broth malarkey is meant to aid digestion *ears prick up*!! The more I read, the more interested I became and before I knew it was was buying fancy, organic bones from Hill and Szrok ( during my market trip yesterday!

I used the following recipe and my bones have now been simmering in the slow cooker for just short of 24 hours (veggies look away now!)

So, what will it taste like? Will we manage to include the broth into our cooking for the week? And, most importantly, will it aid my dodgy digestion?! Watch this that's a cliffhanger eh?!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter and have a great fortnight! Liz  xx (@lizprice79)

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