Sunday, 22 November 2015

I Want to Break Free...!!

As I legged it out of my 40min, frustrating dietician appointment with my full size, double finger Twirl shoved in my mouth, I couldn't help humming this weeks title tune! Yeah Ms Dietician I'm eating a Twirl.... Didn't put THAT in my food diary did I?! Pah! Whatcha gonna do about that then?! I am officially FODMAP free, so long sucker, those days are over!! After much mutual eye rolling, nervous laughter and awkward silences it was agreed that FODMAP was not my thing and that Ms Dietician would need to consult with some colleagues about what to do with me next! In a nutshell, she doesn't have a clue! She's lovely, we get on but....but she doesn't have a Scooby Doo what to do with me now! Watch this space I the meantime, the Twirl was just the tip of the iceberg......I've gone 'all out' in my first FODMAP free week!

The lady wants pie......and pie she had!

Genius ( chicken pie went down a storm. Comforting for these chilly nights! Much preferred to the steak pie as the meat was more plentiful. Even more exciting has been the discovery that I can now eat re heated potato....gasp! Dunno where that came from but frozen chips and crisps are back on the menu! These McCains ( Gorgeous Chips are exactly what they say on the packet! A gorgeous combination!

As I was Christams shopping in Lakeland I spotted this little treat

Most of you will know Joe and Seph ( as the masters of popcorn so this is a nice little side step! I could easily devour this with a spoon but I am working hard to ration it out! On ice cream is my current fave  (back to my usual dairy ice cream woohoo!!)

It may not be pretty but I don't care! I'm never going to be on Masterchef but it did taste good! The biscuits by the way are from Eskal ( from Freego (

I received one of my fave Coeliac compliments that roll gluten free?! It doesn't look it!! Hey, it almost makes you feel proud doesn't it! Yes, my sandwich isn't quite as hideous as you expected it to look! The roll in question is this one.....

....and it was actually very good! Waitrose gluten free seeded rolls. Tasty, held together well and made a pretty normal sandwich! Scared about how long they will last though so shoved the rest in the freezer quick!

Finally, I have recently discovered Home Bargains ( It seems that if you time your visit right there are gluten free bargains to be had! Picked these up recently,

Clear labelling is always a bonus! After swearing to never eat a rice cake again (FODMAP overload), it turns out a little chocolate coating makes everything ok!

Well, I'm off to re discover my old Non FODMAP eating ways! Have a great fortnight everyone! Xx (@lizprice79)

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Better Late Than Never!

Ok, ok, I know I'm late! I can only apologise! I pride myself on punctuality and blogging fortnightly has always been my goal BUT I'm full of excuses, something along the lines of ......getting back from holiday, struggling with low FODMAP diet (STILL! Roll on 19th Dec when I can finally meet dietician again!), a vertigo flare up, moving house well under way, numerous meetings with Santander and trying to get my school reports you let me off?! So, enough of the excuses and the groans, let's get down to business!!

Rossopomodoro ( has been my most recent exciting discovery of late. Wow, this pizza blows rival GF pizza bases right outta the water! Seriously thought I'd died and gone to pizza heaven.....Gluten Free?! You would NEVER know!

No need to bring a saw to cut through the base, no arm ache from vigorous cutting and absolute no jaw ache from trying to chew through it!! This is a Coeliac's dream! Puffed up around the edges, with a little crispness to the crust and deliciously soft in the middle! We need more of theses branches opening! Ps....make sure you ring up first as apparently they sell out of the GF dough and that would be a disaster!

As per usual I'm a little behind with the times. I am well aware there has been much hype surrounding these but thought I'd thrown them into the mix....after all, better late than never!

Found these ( in Waitrose but they seem to be popping up in other places too. Well worth the purchase! Delicious, buttery, crunchy shortbread which really could be mistaken for the gluten filled variety! Well done Walkers, a quality product which was worth the wait!

During the highs and lows of my FODMAP journey there was a dim and dark phase where I was advised to give up! As it happened, I gave up for about 1 hour before I was right back on the fun filled ride! It just so happened that in that hour Dale treated me to this piece of GF fabulousness! 

Well, if you're gonna fall of the wagon (technically I was advised to step off the wagon!) you may as well do it in style! This cupcake from Lola's Cupcakes ( was nearly enough for me to give up FODMAPping for ever! However, my FODMAP work was not over and I will have to wait a few weeks before visiting Lola's again! #sadtimes However, for all you regular GF eaters, get down there and have a Red Velvet for me!

Finally, for any local readers, let's give a little hand rise/ high five/ fist pump for the new re invented Enfield Market! (@EnfieldMarket). It would be great to see a dedicated Free From stall there but in the mean time there are some GF gems to be found! Look what Dale picked up from Retro Gusto

It's an amazing fennel sausage which was then cleverly turned into Sunday dinner!

Sausagemeat in a tomato, carrot, white wine and basil sauce with Parmesan polenta!! Mmmmm! FODMAP friendly too woohooo!

Well, hopefully by the next time we meet I will have ditched this FODMAP lark and will be able to stop meaning about it! We may have better idea of our moving scedule, hopefully the room will havestopped  spinning and my reports might finally be finished!! Here's hoping.........have a good one everyone! (@lizprice79) xx