Sunday, 12 June 2016

Treat time!

Can I start with a HUGE shout out to La Polenteria (www.lapolenteria). It has long been my fave restaurant but goodness me they are continually upping their game and it's well worth a visit. I loved them in the old days when they had a few polenta dishes on a blackboard, I loved them for introducing polenta based puddings and now I love them even more for their wider, more varied menu! I couldn't have been more thrilled when they received their Coeliac UK accreditation, totally deserved! A delicious, 100% gluten free (no cross contamination because no gluten containing ingredients used anywhere!) dining experience.

Courgette & Ginger box of vege for starter.

THE most delicious polenta gnocchi, with sage and truffle oil for main.

Sadly, I didn't have room for the pudding (they had cheesecake!!), oh well, will just have to go back very soon!

As Dale headed out to Broadway market, I sat down like a good girl to plough on with my school reports! He was under strict instruction to bring me back three things to ease the pain of of report writing!

1. The new bread from eat'N'mess ( - which, I am happy to report, was worth the wait. A good substantial, seedy loaf which toasts amazingly well. I've quickly sliced and frozen before the usual gf bread catastrophe strikes!

2. A surprise treat! (See pic above) A Bad Brownie....a salted caramel Bad Brownie!! Hurrah! Slightly stressy by their new "may contain traces.." signs but have chatted to them about cross contamination before and feel suitably happy! Ok, who am I kidding, I've got a salted caramel brownie....I'm ecstatic not happy!!

3. Popcorn from Drum and Kernel (

I've said it before and I'll say it haven't tasted popcorn until you've tasted this!!

So, with all my wishes granted, I promptly finished my reports and got eating!

Last weekend we had a few friends round to the new house. Dale had a rather unusual baking disaster which left us with a shortage of cake! After digging about in my gf cupboard (we all have one right?!) I found this

I've never used Delicious Alchemy ( before and that seemed like a good opportunity! Obviously, I left the prep to Dale (we didn't want to run the risk of me messing up the final cake option!) but we were pretty impressed with the results!

They went down well and everyone assumed the were home made! We didn't correct them....well...technically they were!!

I don't like to blog about moans because I like to celebrate fab gf food. That said, am I the only one that's been disappointed with these?

Typically I'm an Udi's girl but I was sucked into the clever advertising from Genius. I took my eye off the ball (bagel?!) and my head was turned by sumptuous looking filled bagels in the pictures. What I got was a thin, anaemic looking bagel of bluergh! Made slightly better by toasting

but not an experience I will be repeating. So sorry Udi's ( for straying but I will definitely be back!

Well, I'd like to wish you all a happy few weeks! Take care xx (@lizprice79)

Sunday, 15 May 2016

To Blog or Not to Blog

To blog or not to blog.....that really is the question! I've lost my blogging mojo and I'm not afraid to say it! Since moving house a couple of months ago my time seems to have been taken up with numerous trips to Homebase, learning how to garden, looking at colour charts, arranging shelves and generally doing boring grown up stuff! I've been wondering if and how my blogging days should continue. My blog was only ever started as a little gf diary...the highs and lows of day to day gf life. I've loved doing it and have been truly thrilled that people actually read my ramblings! So, in an attempt to rekindle my mojo I've decided to blog on a more "as and when" basis! Let the rambling commence...

Finally, finally, finally after weeks (months!) of nagging, I convinced Dale to break away from his usual burger/ steak haunts to go to Niche ( It's no secret that Niche are a 100% gluten free restaurant at Angel, Islington. To say I was excited was an understatement! After studying the menu online I had already decided on the pate (with toast!!!) to start and the quiche (Niche quiche!!) for main! I was desperately trying to pick things other than steak or salad which are 10 a penny in most places!

I must confess to being a little disappointed when our waiter informed me that they had run out of quiche (disaster), he later came back to say there was no pate either (gasp!!!). Soooo a re think needed to take place! We went for Parmesan doughnuts and a veggie fritter to share

Both were delicious and good runners up.....but they weren't pate!

Dale had burger (surprise surprise) whereas I went for steak and chorizo pie

The pie completely sunk me and I could only manage about half! Very tasty but very rich with substantial pastry. Sadly no room for pudding but  I am planning a return to sample the quiche and pate so maybe I'll force a pud down then!

While we were in Islington I sized the moment and treated myself to a rather pricey loaf from The Artisan gf bakery ( I chose a small sourdough loaf which made great toast this morning! 

The rest is going straight in the freezer! I'm not running the risk of it going all gf on me!

Now call me old fashioned but I don't buy into this trendy sausage lark! I like a good old fashioned, basic added chorizo, no extra apple etc etc! Don't get me wrong, they have their place but my sausage of choice was always Richmond and I must confess to missing their sausages after going gf. ( I was thrilled to see the launch of their gf range but doubted it would stand up next to the gluten filled version. How wrong was I?!

They tasted just the same! Words cannot describe how happy this made me! What a saddo!! The only  trouble is I can only find them in Ocado, so here's hoping the word spreads and a few more places stock them soon!

Regular readers will know that Dale and I love a good trip to Broadway Market (@Broadway_Mkt), mainly due to Floris Food (@FlorisFoods) Just look at my jam and cream scone....

It tasted every bit as good as it looks! 

Finally, also thanks to Ocado,( I was finally able to try Bionita (www.bionita) gnocchi! I had read about it loads but never seemed to track it down. It was worth the wait

Dale used the spinach variety to rustle up a sausage, gnocchi bake! Fab!

Well, until next time.....xx (@lizprice79)


Friday, 15 April 2016

For My Next Wish

Where do things disappear to? There are one or two items items that are yet to make an appearance since our move a month ago! I know exactly where they were in the flat but somehow or another they have disappeared into the abyss....the the "Bermuda Triangle" that is the A10 corridor of Enfield/ Cheshunt! One of said items is my Coeliac UK recipe book with my fail safe cereal bar recipe in it! It's not easy to find a gf, nut free, oat free cereal bar, trust me! I had a go at something similar from Pinterest which is now sitting in a non setting, seedy mush in my fridge!

If anyone has any suggestions please do let me know! 

Anyway, I was thrilled to find these

This "power ball" craze had left me longing as they all seem to include some sort of nut! However, these Raw Health ( balls were a real find! A mix of sunflower seeds, coconut, raisins and dates and to make things even better there were other nut free flavours too! Result! Found in Planet Organic in Muswell Hill. (

As I continued to wander the aisles of Plane Organic, I only had to utter the words "One thing I really miss is filled pasta" when my friend waved a packet of Amisa filled Ravioli under my nose! ( Wow, this shop could be the place where GF dreams come true?! I kinda regretted not using my wish for a Mars Bar but hey, I'm not being ungrateful! 

It was definitely worth the wait and everything I had hoped for! It just needed cooking slightly longer than it stated.....but there's a fine line between al dente and bursting ravioli!

As my meat loving husband is in charge of all things related to cooking, it is very rare I can convince him to engage in veggie dinners! However, to my surprise he was quite up for trying these (

...I was even more surprised when he ate them and then declared we should buy them again! Goodness me! They really were very tasty with a nice texture, much better than some veggie sausages I've tried. Bought from Ocado but I've also spotted them in Holland and Barrett.

Well, let's end with something sweet! Have you seen this in your local supermarket?

If not, get looking! I LOVE now frozen! Deliciously thick and creamy, not dissimilar to ice cream but with a much more indulgent! Ooooo think I might need to go and re sample some now!

Have a great few weeks! Xx (@lizprice79)

Monday, 28 March 2016

Long Time No See

Well hello! I'm back after my little blogoliday! Apologies for my silence but we have moved house!! Hurrah!! We are semi unpacked and mid decorating, so this seems like the optimum time for a new blog post!

We are now a 4min drive to a very large Marks and Spencer which is equally exciting and dangerous! The recent extension to their Made Without Wheat range will be well and truly sampled over the next few weeks! The syrup sponges are currently sitting in my fridge waiting for me to digest the ton of Easter egg I inhaled over the weekend...then I'll be on it, all for research purposes you understand!

I treated myself to a little Ocado order to celebrate the new house! Ocado!! What a gf revelation, they have sooooo many items! Loving The Jolly Hog ( sausages

A tasty proper sausage, enjoyed by the gluten eating Dale so that's high praise indeed!

My Ocado order also meant I could finally try Rule of Crumb ( chicken kievs! I've been trying to track these down for ages and they were worth the wait! Look at the size of this Kiev!

Ignore the bacon on the plate, that was for a sandwich the next day!! The Kiev was brilliant, a really crunchy coating and all the garlic butter managed to stay inside! Result!! Need to order some more items from this range now! I think Ocado might be hearing from me very soon!

In a bid to empty the freezer before "the big move" we ate numerous weird combos of food for particular favourite being pigs in blankets which left over from Christmas! However, we did discover some little gems, for example, Clive's Pies! ( Bought from Holland and Barrett a little while ago and put in the freezer for a "rainy day"! I was very happy with my discovery!

I believe this is the the Gluten Free Vegetable Chilli but I can also vouch for the Mushroom and Leek pie plus I have an Aloo Gobi waiting for me courtesy of my Ocado order! The pastry is probably the best gf pastry I've tasted...buttery, crumbly but still holds together well.....mmmmmm!! Dale has just read over my shoulder and I quote "We should order some more of those pies, I really liked those!"....a true compliment from a gluten muncher!

I seem to be singing Schar's ( praises a lot recently but credit where credits due! I'm still working through my Parisian haul but have loved these

Think....cross between a fig roll and a Nutrigrain!

And as for the gnocchi...! (Recipe from Joe Wicks Lean in 15 #Leanin15 ....great little book btw!) So, come on Schar when will we have the full range in the UK?! Please.....pretty plleeeeeeeaasse!! 

Next to the big M&S is a big Tesco. I noticed this in the American section

It was the clear "peanut free & gluten free" label that caught my eye! Having heard of Tootie Rolls from American TV, I thought it was worth a try! A+ for labelling F- for taste and texture! Bluergh!! An incredibly chewy fudgey consistency which just became more gloopy and sticky with chewing! Swallowing was nearly impossible! Won't be buying again!!

Well, I fear I may have hidden from the decorating long enough! Until next time......have a good one! Xx (@lizprice79)

Sunday, 28 February 2016

And The Gluten Got Me!

I reckon if we were to devise a list of the top 10 worst places to discover you've been glutened, the top of The Arc de Triomphe has got to be up there right?! Well, if you're gonna do it, you may as well do it properly! That was the start of our Parisian adventure!

I'm blaming some crisps I ate on the journey. I took them with me and were the only different thing I had eaten before being unwell. Nevertheless, the allergy info stated they were safe, so I won't name and shame just in case I am maligning them unnecessarily.....but we know that feeling don't we?! There's no mistaking it is there?!......The gluten got me and I'm pointing the finger of blame to the crisps!

So, a little weak, sore and uncomfortable (wearing the same pair of jeans each day as they were the only thing that didn't "dig in") we embarked on a sightseeing extravaganza! Under the circumstances I didn't really give Parisian Gluten Free a full work out but here's what I have to report....

An interesting find was Au Pied de Cochin (, renowned for nose to tail pork eating we approached with mild trepidation but a certain fascination! 

No mention of GF but we were feeling bold and I was armed with my GF translation app on my phone! Didn't need the app! Really friendly, helpful staff with great English who sorted me out with pork chop and mash!

Now, call me old fashioned but I like my pork cooked! I don't buy into this pink pork lark even if it is THE way to have it these days! So, rather embarrassingly, I sent it back! I did feel a little like "the-gluten -free -weirdo -in -the -corner -who -fussed -about -the -menu -and -is -now -sending -perfectly -good -pork -back -to -be -ruined -and -over -cooked -in -the -kitchen!" BUT to give them credit, they didn't bat an eyelid, nothing was too much of a problem! If you're a pork fan in Paris, (GF, or not) they are definitely worth a visit!

I must say I was bowled over at how helpful restaurants were when faced with my GF translation. It may have only been a meat / veg combo but I could always eat....and there's always creme brûlée!

For all those crepe fans a visit to Aux Ducs de Bourgogne is a must! ( Look....

Ok, technically it's a galette which uses buckwheat flour so is naturally GF. However, they have a dedicated section in their menu which reassuringly talks about the GF options and the measures they have in place to reduce cross contamination. Would have loved a second visit but stomach / time did not allow!

I finally convinced Dale to take a 20 min journey out of our way to find the famous Helmut Newcake, GF bakery. I had been tempted by stories of GF choux buns and eclairs galore and must admit to feeling a little excited. Typically, after schlepping across Paris to get there, we discovered the builders were in and clearly there were no GF choux buns to be had! Much disappointment and GF strops followed but my next discovery put a smile on my face!

La Vie Claire ( had a branch just over the road from our apartment! Obviously, I had to take a look. Most people come back from Paris with an Eiffel Tower model or maybe a beret?! But not me...I came back with an amazing Schar stash! (

Schar in Europe always has soooo much more than here! I know the panini rolls have just been launched here but they are not that easy to come by! I was particularly excited to try the gnocchi and the fig roll style biscuits! Thank goodness Eurostar allow you to take a bigger case that Easyjet! I'll let you know how I get on as I sample them over the next few weeks.

The journey home saw a 2 hour wait just before entering the tunnel making the journey just over 5 hours!!! I couldn't have been happier when Dale braved a trip to the buffet car and returned with this....

Hurrah! The Handmade Cake Company ( brownie was a very welcome sight. Gooey and rich and a good little pick me up on a long journey home. It's nice to see Eurostar stocking GF options but it would be even nice if they had some GF meal/ light options too. We can dream.....?!

Well, my stomach has just about recovered and I've prised myself out of my comfy jeans so things are looking up! Imagine how much eating I could have done if I was on top form!?!

Have a good couple of weeks! Xx (@lizprice79)

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Good Intentions!

Feeling rather virtuous, I excitedly opened my WH Smiths delivery! 

Oh yes, I finally have the resident chef on board! In a bid to lose a few pounds Dale has agreed to cook a few meals a week with.....wait for it.....some vegetables included AND.....occasionally, maybe, once in a while.....meat free...GASP!!

We have made a roaring start with the Amelia Freer book and have caused a stir in our staff rooms with our fab salad pots

Surprisingly filling and very tasty although a little heavy handed with the Tabasco! Certainly kept the 4.00 hunger pangs at bay! We have stocked up on ingredients for some more lunches from here so watch this space and I'll keep you posted!

We also had a whirl at some of the recipes from the Daily Mail "Smart Weight Watchers" booklets.

Haven't taken many pics but did capture the polenta pizza before devouring it!

We even managed to sneak in some of the Kimchi we bought from Seoul Kimchi at Broadway Market into one of the noodle recipes!

Ok, not great presentation but it tasted great! I'm new to Kimchi but really interested in the qualities it boasts for people with tummy troubles! Interestingly enough, there is a recipe for Kimchi in the Amelia Freer book.....will have to get Dale on the case!

However, in true Price style, we are easily side tracked and our good intentions have been backed up with a few really good treats too! Well, small steps eh?!

During a recent house hunting trip we grabbed a quick lunch/ brunch at Giraffe ( I have never set foot in a Giraffe before and have always been put off by the swarms of buggies and babies spilling into the aisles! Nevertheless, needs must and I had heard they did GF?! It was nice to see a separate menu with a selection of choices although it always gets my back up a little when there is a separate key for those "highly intolerant"!!! Grrrrr either you are or you aren't, right?! Anyway, that aside I opted for the Huevos Rancheros a la GF styleee! 

It was ok, although I have to say it looked nicer than it tasted! A little cold (as there was a mixture of cold and hot ingredients) and toasted GF wraps are always entertaining to eat with a knife and fork....cue bits shattering everywhere/ unable to stab with fork/ dropping off fork left, right and centre! Would I brave the buggies again? Probably not but its always good to know there are options there if needed!

Now onto my little chocolate discoveries! Montezumas ( were pushing their Kingdom bars of choc on my recent visit! 10/10 for the sales guy at Spitalfields because I walked out with a bar after sampling!

Well, I am a sucker for chocolate orange and it didn't disappoint!

Finally had a little scout around Aldi the other day, I'm so behind the times! I wasn't bowled over by the experience but I was pleasantly surprised that many of their chocolate bars did not have a "may contains" for wheat or gluten, unlike their counterparts, Lidl. Therefore the option of cheap GF choc is now available, something to celebrate eh?! 

In all seriousness, this bar of white choc is really Milky Bar good but chunky like a Yorkie!! Think this could be a dangerous discovery!

Well, I'm hoping the salad pots and healthy dinners outweigh the works like that doesn't it?! Have a great fortnight everyone! Xx (@lizprice79)

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life....

De dum, de dum, de dum de dum de duuuum! Are you humming along, I do hope so! I think it's safe to say that that 2016 has not started as Dale and I expected. However, in the words of the great Ronan Keating "Life is a roller coaster, just gotta ride it"! After attending a well timed training day about "mental wellbeing", my thoughts were drawn to how we should take great pleasure from the simple things in life! So, here are a few of my little pleasures that have got me through January so far!

Waking up this morning to see snow on the ground called for one thing only. It was time to crack open my box of gluten free, oat free porridge! Made from 100% buckwheat it made a change from the usual rice heavy alternatives I often buy.

Big Oz ( combined with Clarks agave syrup (, a handful of raisins and a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds ( thrown in for good measure made a warming and filling start to the day. The buckwheat has a mildly nutty taste and I was glad I added a little sweetness to it. Nevertheless, a successful porridge experience and one which I will be repeating very soon!

You only have to read the name Perkier to feel a little brighter! Perkier ( have been producing great GF breakfast cereals/ porridge for some time now. Therefore,I was excited to see their fairly new cereal bars in my local Sainsburys. Unfortunately, once I took out the varieties containing nuts I was left with just one bar to try.

It's great! I'm a big quinoa fan so it definitely gets a thumbs up from me. Perfect for my after school snack. I would LOVE Perkier to expand their nut free/ oat free ranges. I'm sure there are many others out there that would like to see a bigger nut free/ oat free variety! Until then....I'm happy munching my quinoa bar!

Dale and I had a little trip to Broadway Market (@Broadway_Mkt) last weekend. It's no secret that this market is one of our favourite haunts, although with it being the first market of the new year some of our fave stalls weren't there. However, it did force me to try somewhere different for lunch and boy I'm glad I did! Zardosht, Persian food was amazing! Apparently they can be found at a cafe in Dalston as well as Broadway Market but the flavours were delicious!

Watching my lunch being pieced together was fascinating, a real art form. A pinch of this, a dash of that but it worked together brilliantly....I think I have a new fave place for lunch!

I was so stuffed, pudding had to wait! Thankfully Eat 'N' Mess ( provide sturdy take away boxes! 

As much as I enjoyed my red velvet slice, I still wish I went for the GF s'mores bar! Hmmm, there's always next time! (Eyes too big for belly!)

Well, I will leave you dreaming of s'mores.....have a great fortnight everyone and remember "Always look on the bright siiiiiidee of liiiifeeee de dum, de dum, de dum, de dum, de dum!" Xx (@lizprice79)

Sunday, 3 January 2016


"Irresolution (noun) indecision, hesitation, lack of resolution"......boom! There we have it....I am in no way undecided or hesitant BUT I have a definite lack of resolution! I am the girl that sold my Nutribullet and bought Ugg boots with the money! Yep, blitzed up cold vege don't keep your toes warm! As 2016 spreads before me, I will not feel let down by unachieveable resolutions which were set in a pit of Christmas over indulgence! No! I will eat a little (ok, sometimes a lot) of what I fancy, I will exercise when I feel I am able, won't lose sleep over missed targets and most importantly of all I will do it with my new cosy Ugg boots firmly attached to my feet! Have that 2016!

Ok, well, on that note I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and I wish you every success with your New Years resolutions! Here are a few of the little delights that have kept me going over the hols!

A great little GF Christmas pressie from a friend, combining two of my great loves-sweets and Eton mess! Delicious! (

Sales shopping requires a well planned survival kit.....milkshake should always be in that kit-sugar rush for that boost, cools you down after wresting over the bargains in hot shops and fills you up in case you can't find any GF snacks! What more could you want?!

This was a good little find in Waitrose ( Great to have in your bag, creamy, cold and sweet- everything I ask for! Rumour has it there could be a salted caramel flavour coming out soon! Whoop whoop!

Dale dragged me into Shake Shack on New Years Day (

Obviously, he had a burger but I opted for a milkshake instead! I must confess I didn't pay much attention to what I could eat in there but the website does have a comprehensive allergy guide. Hugely overpriced (I nearly fell off my seat when I saw what Dale paid for his burger), however, my "Black & White" milkshake was fab! Vanilla with fudge sauce mmmmmmmm!!!

On New Years Eve Dale cooked up a South American feast! The chicharrones were all Dale's handiwork but the Black Beans were from a cool little kit from the Cool Chile Company! ( and were very tasty. We had enough beans to feed the whole street (mental note beans swell!!)

We are huge fans of The Cool Chile Company, they have a whole range of great GF stuff which you can buy online, at Borough Market and I'm pretty sure I've seen them in Whole Foods and other independent stores as well. If you haven't checked them out, they are definitely worth a look (and a taste!!)

Oh and Mexican chocolate flan (with salted caramel!!) for pudding!

Well, we all know I am a frustrated baker. If output was measured by enthusiasm I would definitely be in the Bake Off next year. Sadly, life doesn't work like that. I wasn't about to put myself through the "Gingerbread House" trauma of last year again and I lost my Christmas Tree star cutters....the odds were not in my favour! Thank goodness for the Intolerant Gourmet ( who came and saved me from anymore Christmas kitchen disasters! Like a real Christmas Fairy Godmother! I love this blog/ website. Recipes galore which are super easy to search through and even easier to follow! Everything I have made from this site has been pretty successful! Hurrah! Here is my most recent banana bread (I just replaced the walnuts with dates!)

It worked!!

Well, as we return to post Christams life I hope you all have a great fortnight! Take care xx (@lizprice79)