Monday, 28 March 2016

Long Time No See

Well hello! I'm back after my little blogoliday! Apologies for my silence but we have moved house!! Hurrah!! We are semi unpacked and mid decorating, so this seems like the optimum time for a new blog post!

We are now a 4min drive to a very large Marks and Spencer which is equally exciting and dangerous! The recent extension to their Made Without Wheat range will be well and truly sampled over the next few weeks! The syrup sponges are currently sitting in my fridge waiting for me to digest the ton of Easter egg I inhaled over the weekend...then I'll be on it, all for research purposes you understand!

I treated myself to a little Ocado order to celebrate the new house! Ocado!! What a gf revelation, they have sooooo many items! Loving The Jolly Hog ( sausages

A tasty proper sausage, enjoyed by the gluten eating Dale so that's high praise indeed!

My Ocado order also meant I could finally try Rule of Crumb ( chicken kievs! I've been trying to track these down for ages and they were worth the wait! Look at the size of this Kiev!

Ignore the bacon on the plate, that was for a sandwich the next day!! The Kiev was brilliant, a really crunchy coating and all the garlic butter managed to stay inside! Result!! Need to order some more items from this range now! I think Ocado might be hearing from me very soon!

In a bid to empty the freezer before "the big move" we ate numerous weird combos of food for particular favourite being pigs in blankets which left over from Christmas! However, we did discover some little gems, for example, Clive's Pies! ( Bought from Holland and Barrett a little while ago and put in the freezer for a "rainy day"! I was very happy with my discovery!

I believe this is the the Gluten Free Vegetable Chilli but I can also vouch for the Mushroom and Leek pie plus I have an Aloo Gobi waiting for me courtesy of my Ocado order! The pastry is probably the best gf pastry I've tasted...buttery, crumbly but still holds together well.....mmmmmm!! Dale has just read over my shoulder and I quote "We should order some more of those pies, I really liked those!"....a true compliment from a gluten muncher!

I seem to be singing Schar's ( praises a lot recently but credit where credits due! I'm still working through my Parisian haul but have loved these

Think....cross between a fig roll and a Nutrigrain!

And as for the gnocchi...! (Recipe from Joe Wicks Lean in 15 #Leanin15 ....great little book btw!) So, come on Schar when will we have the full range in the UK?! Please.....pretty plleeeeeeeaasse!! 

Next to the big M&S is a big Tesco. I noticed this in the American section

It was the clear "peanut free & gluten free" label that caught my eye! Having heard of Tootie Rolls from American TV, I thought it was worth a try! A+ for labelling F- for taste and texture! Bluergh!! An incredibly chewy fudgey consistency which just became more gloopy and sticky with chewing! Swallowing was nearly impossible! Won't be buying again!!

Well, I fear I may have hidden from the decorating long enough! Until next time......have a good one! Xx (@lizprice79)