Sunday, 21 September 2014


KAPOW! KABOOM! KABANG!!! I have finally got round to trying my pot of Kabuto Noodles! ( The trouble with those store cupboard favourites is that they sit in the cupboard and you forget about them...especially those ones with the really long shelf life! So, when I finally remembered they were lurking in the depths of my cupboard,I had that kettle boiling quicker than you could say samurai warrior! For those of you not in the know, here's a pic...

To put it bluntly, Kabuto noodles are a better tasting, better quality pot noodle! I was thrilled to see that they are now stocked in Sainsburys! They are handy to have for a quick lunch and easy to take to work etc as all you need is boiling water....even I can cook them!! Just beware as the GF pots look very similar to the regular ones so make sure you pick the right pot! 

A few weeks a go I mentioned the Tesco Lifestyle Food Fair. Sadly, it is now over amd while it was a good idea at the time it has raised a major problem for all Free From peeps......we had new, exciting products dangled under our noses and then they were harshly ripped away from us! Take my Udi's choccy biccies for example-

For those of you who never thought you could have an Oreo again.... wrong! In my opinion they are just as good and scarily easy to demolish a whole packet without noticing (not that I would know about things like that?!) BUT don't get too excited cos they are virtually impossible to track down now the Food Fair has finished! It forces me to contemplate the age old question.....Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?! Come on Tesco, you can't dangle the choccy biccie shaped carrot under our GF noses and then take it away, that's just cruel! We want to see some of the Lifestyle Food Fair Products stocked regularly in your stores....please.....pretty please with an Udi's on top!?

Well done Nestle! Well done for doing what other big brands could have easily done...but haven't!

Cornflakes are naturally gluten free right? They only (usually) become contaminated by manufacturing methods! Therefore, to me the normal GF public, it makes sense to change your manufacturing methods, slap "GF" on the box and bobs your uncle you've got a unique selling point! Well done Nestle, it worked....we, the GF people are happy and the best's a big box! Much bigger than other GF cereals so better value for money! We salute you!

If you can cast your minds back to July when the weather was warmer and the long Summer lay before us.....I and many, many others schlepped to The Allergy and Free From Show at Olympia! Yes, I am still wading my way through my hoard! This week I cracked open my Amisa crackers (

They made a nice change from my usual rice cake repertoire! They have quite a kick to them after you've eating a few (maybe the key is not to eat too many?!) but that's not a negative! Crackers tend to be quite bland, so it was good to have something with a bit of flavour! I also finally persuaded Dale to have a meat free dinner and use the Amisa Falafel Mix

These are fab! I was really impressed. Easy to make (ok, really easy for me cos I didn't make them but you know what I mean?!) and really tasty. Granted, they are probably bigger than they should be cos we didn't get 16 out of the mix but it is quality not quantity right? Again, a bit of a kick but not too much! So glad I have another box in the cupboard (yep, my cupboard is like the the wardrobe in Narnia!) and I can't wait to try the veggie burger mix that's in there too! 

So, that's me done for a fortnight! Have a great couple of weeks and see you in October!! X (@lizprice79)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

It's my Birthday & I'll GF if I want to!

So, yesterday was my birthday! I have now passed the hump of the 30's and have begun hurtling towards fabulous forty! On this weekend last year, I decided to finally enter into the cyber century.....I began learning now to use my Twitter account and dipped my Gluten Free toe into the world of blogging! I posted my first "Gluten Free Girl in London" post with the intention of keeping a weekly food diary of the highs (and lows!) of Gluten Free eating. I was determined to post weekly (just to see of I could do it!) and apart from a week in July,when I was in New York, I have just about managed to pull it off! So, if you have read all, some or just one of my previous posts...THANK YOU! If you have tweeted me, re tweeted me or written comments.....THANK YOU again! I have soooooo loved the feedback, "chatting" to new people and learning about your GF experiences too......THANK YOU, I really appreciate it! Well, enough of the emotional ramblings and on with this weeks post.....

Birthday celebrations mean one thing right?! If your answer is "cake", then we are friends for and you are on the same GF wavelength! I've eaten lots of cake!!! I finally, finally, finally got to go to Vozar's in Brixton Village Market ( for my birthday lunch!

I've always been one of those people who are a little behind the latest craze, dunno why, just one of those things I guess. In a similar way I have heard rumblings on Twitter about the fabulousness of Vozars! I've read many a Tweet from fellow GF's about great lunches, cakes, beers all from this entirely GF haven! So, at last....behind everyone else......I made it!! And guess what? It was worth the wait!

Here is my chicken strip burger with guacamole in a brioche I need to say anymore?! Wow! All GF, bursting with flavour, piping hot, great hand cut chips (didn't make it to picture I'm afraid!) all served by really friendly staff! Did I have cake? What do you think?!

It was a difficult decision and one that required a little thinking time. Did I want to splash my calories on chocolate cake, brownie, Victoria sponge or any other of the amazing cakes on offer.....finally decided on white choc and coconut and wasn't disappointed! Did I feel sick afterwards? Yep! But nothing to do with the lovely food just my age old condition called "eyes bigger than belly"! This was absolutely worth the trip to the end of the Victoria line and we will be aiming to go back (hopefully for dinner) very soon!

As we were in Brixton it would have been rude not to have investigated the market further. I was glad I did because nestled in amongst vintage clothes and CD stalls was "Scoff" ( I happily sampled the white choc and raspberry fudge and quickly purchased a little birthday treat!

Sadly, by the time I had carried it round in my sweaty bag for the rest of the day it had turned into one massive chuck of fudge.....I'm not complaining though! It's still delicious and I fear it won't be lasting much longer.....well, I don't want it to melt anymore do it?!

Speaking of little birthday treats....I picked up my new car yesterday! Not normally something I would share with you on my foodie blog but I had to laugh when I saw the reg....I promise it was not planned but this car must have been made for me!!!!


Continuing with the market theme, I wonderd if any of you had tried these from Borough Market?

Court Lodge ( drinking yogurt. I was having a serious milkshake craving and can never remember off hand which frappe/ smoothie/ shakes I can have from which chain store, so was pleased to stumble across this! Not quite a milkshake but certainly on the right track. It was cold, smooth, fruity and creamy....I was happy! I just need to stock up next time I'm in Borough!

Well, I'm off for a bit of birthday cake! It's ok to continue eating specified birthday cake throughout the whole of the birthday weekend isn't it?! You won't read me next week as I'm planning on going fortnightly from now on....who knows it may encourage me to eat less cake?! (who am I kidding!!) Have a good couple of weeks everyone and thanks again for the support! (@lizprice79) xx