Monday, 27 July 2015

AI Survival Tips!

Dale and I have just returned from two weeks All Inclusive at the RIU Paraiso in Lanzarote....."All Inclusive?!" I hear you gasp! Yep, you heard right.....I took my GF life in my hands and stepped once more into the lovely hands of the kind and helpful RIU chain! (

The only All Inclusive holidays we have been on have been to RIU hotels but I am sure there are many other allergy aware chains out there. I have only been glutened once out of 3 visits and that was because I didn't follow my golden rules. So, here they are , the Liz Price survival guide / top tips for a happy AI (All Inclusive) hol!

1. Take snacks.....I took chocolate, rice cakes and raisins! (An odd mix, I'll give you that but only the chocolate was necessary!!)
2. Talk to the restaurant manager ASAP and then approach each sitting with a "don't you know who I am approach!?" 
3. Get to each meal for opening time. This way you may look a keen bean or a greedy pig BUT you will get first pickings before the buffet monsters contaminate everything!
4. Go for plain meats, fish, veg and salads.....avoid sauces like the plague and if food is cooked infront of you all the better!
5. Ask if there are allergy options.....I nearly fell down in shock when I was told that GF bread, pasta, pizza and separately cooked chips could all be available on request! 
6. Bagsie your lounger and chill....!

Meanwhile back in the land of normality, I may have left behind sun, sea, amd laziness behind but I return to...

- Sundried tomato bread from Romeo's GF bakery ( 

which I craftily froze after the Allergy Show! Toasted really well for post hol brekkie!

- Fab Streetfood from places like Boss Hoss ( and their amazing GF Johnny Cakes found at Spitalfields Market and The School Yard at Broadway Market!

(Chicken, beef and veggie options!)

- And good old micro meals for when Dale is working late and heaven forbid I have to get a pan out of the cupboard!! However, I do spiralize so that must make me nearly a Masterchef contestant right?! Enter Ilumi (

 Fan forever, blogged about lots but worth a mention as they have permanent shelf space in our kitchen! I was also excited to hear, at the AlÅ‚ergy Show, of some of the new products they have lined up for later in the year.... (Pot noodle styley things whoop!!)

All of these help to restore the post holiday blues....oh and these....these have helped too...

Happy fortnight everyone! Xx @lizprice79

Friday, 10 July 2015


I write to you today with a bulging stomach and a happy heart! I have just returned from the most wonderful afternoon tea at Sugarloaf on Potters Bar High Street. Celebrating a good friends retirement, I was a little nervous when I had heard they could "do gluten free" for me. You've all been there right?! Promises of amazing things, to be met with a rice cake and a fruit salad!! But my goodness, Sugarloaf really could "DO gluten free"! Everything everyone else ate.....I ate too, just a GF version! I didn't feel left out at all, if anything I feel slightly sick from the over indulgence but boy was it worth it! Have a look!

Apparently, all of this loveliness can be arranged if you just give them a little notice! If you're local you should go! If you're's worth travelling for!

For someone that doesn't eat a lot of carbs, I've certainly packed them away this week! Ironically, as I made my annual pilgrimage to The Allergy and Freefrom Show (, I returned with carbs a plenty!! (Oh and a lot of sausages- vegan and meat....always good to stock up right?!). It's my aim to blog as I eat and even I haven't managed to wade my way through my whole stash yet but here goes with my sampling so far....

No.G ( I salute you! I finally managed to buy a quiche Lorraine and wait for it .....a sausage roll! Seriously exciting stuff!

My first quiche and sausage roll that actually taste like their regular partners! I fear this could be a dangerous discovery! Half of me weeps that my local Sainsburys doesn't stock them but the other half is celebrating for the sake of my waistline! These are amazing and definitely worth breaking the no carbs rule for......occasionally!!

I also bought this lovely looking sun dried tomato loaf from Romeo's GF Bakery (

I must confess that I haven't tried it yet. I sliced it and put it straight in the freezer! If I recall, it was about £3 for this small loaf so I didn't want to run the risk of it going all "gf bread" on me, if you know what I mean?! I have tried their garlic loaf before and if it's half as good as that it'll be worth the wait!

Straying away from the Allergy Show for a bit I picked up these little beauties the other week. 

Marks and Spencer are really pulling out all the stops at the moment! These pies have already done the rounds on Twitter so I won't harp on about them but to sum up....they're good, really good, ok?! They should carry the same warning as the No.G pastries.....seriously addictive, to be enjoyed occasionally (with a splash of Tesco Freefrom brown sauce, obviously!).

Finally, I was sent a flour mix from the lovely people at Udi's ( I thought I would use it to make my own scones! Please compare my efforts with the earlier picture from Sugarloaf

Yep, I ended up with flat, pastry, biscuity things! Oops! Only I could mess up a flour mix! Thanks Udi's it was very much appreciated and I'm sure they would have been successful for most people but it's clearly not fool proof!

Well I'm blogging slightly early as I'm off on my hols tomorrow. Thankfully we managed to get our Tunisian holiday changed and we are now off to Lanzarote for some R&R! Have a great two weeks everyone! Xx (@lizprice79)