Sunday, 28 February 2016

And The Gluten Got Me!

I reckon if we were to devise a list of the top 10 worst places to discover you've been glutened, the top of The Arc de Triomphe has got to be up there right?! Well, if you're gonna do it, you may as well do it properly! That was the start of our Parisian adventure!

I'm blaming some crisps I ate on the journey. I took them with me and were the only different thing I had eaten before being unwell. Nevertheless, the allergy info stated they were safe, so I won't name and shame just in case I am maligning them unnecessarily.....but we know that feeling don't we?! There's no mistaking it is there?!......The gluten got me and I'm pointing the finger of blame to the crisps!

So, a little weak, sore and uncomfortable (wearing the same pair of jeans each day as they were the only thing that didn't "dig in") we embarked on a sightseeing extravaganza! Under the circumstances I didn't really give Parisian Gluten Free a full work out but here's what I have to report....

An interesting find was Au Pied de Cochin (, renowned for nose to tail pork eating we approached with mild trepidation but a certain fascination! 

No mention of GF but we were feeling bold and I was armed with my GF translation app on my phone! Didn't need the app! Really friendly, helpful staff with great English who sorted me out with pork chop and mash!

Now, call me old fashioned but I like my pork cooked! I don't buy into this pink pork lark even if it is THE way to have it these days! So, rather embarrassingly, I sent it back! I did feel a little like "the-gluten -free -weirdo -in -the -corner -who -fussed -about -the -menu -and -is -now -sending -perfectly -good -pork -back -to -be -ruined -and -over -cooked -in -the -kitchen!" BUT to give them credit, they didn't bat an eyelid, nothing was too much of a problem! If you're a pork fan in Paris, (GF, or not) they are definitely worth a visit!

I must say I was bowled over at how helpful restaurants were when faced with my GF translation. It may have only been a meat / veg combo but I could always eat....and there's always creme brûlée!

For all those crepe fans a visit to Aux Ducs de Bourgogne is a must! ( Look....

Ok, technically it's a galette which uses buckwheat flour so is naturally GF. However, they have a dedicated section in their menu which reassuringly talks about the GF options and the measures they have in place to reduce cross contamination. Would have loved a second visit but stomach / time did not allow!

I finally convinced Dale to take a 20 min journey out of our way to find the famous Helmut Newcake, GF bakery. I had been tempted by stories of GF choux buns and eclairs galore and must admit to feeling a little excited. Typically, after schlepping across Paris to get there, we discovered the builders were in and clearly there were no GF choux buns to be had! Much disappointment and GF strops followed but my next discovery put a smile on my face!

La Vie Claire ( had a branch just over the road from our apartment! Obviously, I had to take a look. Most people come back from Paris with an Eiffel Tower model or maybe a beret?! But not me...I came back with an amazing Schar stash! (

Schar in Europe always has soooo much more than here! I know the panini rolls have just been launched here but they are not that easy to come by! I was particularly excited to try the gnocchi and the fig roll style biscuits! Thank goodness Eurostar allow you to take a bigger case that Easyjet! I'll let you know how I get on as I sample them over the next few weeks.

The journey home saw a 2 hour wait just before entering the tunnel making the journey just over 5 hours!!! I couldn't have been happier when Dale braved a trip to the buffet car and returned with this....

Hurrah! The Handmade Cake Company ( brownie was a very welcome sight. Gooey and rich and a good little pick me up on a long journey home. It's nice to see Eurostar stocking GF options but it would be even nice if they had some GF meal/ light options too. We can dream.....?!

Well, my stomach has just about recovered and I've prised myself out of my comfy jeans so things are looking up! Imagine how much eating I could have done if I was on top form!?!

Have a good couple of weeks! Xx (@lizprice79)

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Good Intentions!

Feeling rather virtuous, I excitedly opened my WH Smiths delivery! 

Oh yes, I finally have the resident chef on board! In a bid to lose a few pounds Dale has agreed to cook a few meals a week with.....wait for it.....some vegetables included AND.....occasionally, maybe, once in a while.....meat free...GASP!!

We have made a roaring start with the Amelia Freer book and have caused a stir in our staff rooms with our fab salad pots

Surprisingly filling and very tasty although a little heavy handed with the Tabasco! Certainly kept the 4.00 hunger pangs at bay! We have stocked up on ingredients for some more lunches from here so watch this space and I'll keep you posted!

We also had a whirl at some of the recipes from the Daily Mail "Smart Weight Watchers" booklets.

Haven't taken many pics but did capture the polenta pizza before devouring it!

We even managed to sneak in some of the Kimchi we bought from Seoul Kimchi at Broadway Market into one of the noodle recipes!

Ok, not great presentation but it tasted great! I'm new to Kimchi but really interested in the qualities it boasts for people with tummy troubles! Interestingly enough, there is a recipe for Kimchi in the Amelia Freer book.....will have to get Dale on the case!

However, in true Price style, we are easily side tracked and our good intentions have been backed up with a few really good treats too! Well, small steps eh?!

During a recent house hunting trip we grabbed a quick lunch/ brunch at Giraffe ( I have never set foot in a Giraffe before and have always been put off by the swarms of buggies and babies spilling into the aisles! Nevertheless, needs must and I had heard they did GF?! It was nice to see a separate menu with a selection of choices although it always gets my back up a little when there is a separate key for those "highly intolerant"!!! Grrrrr either you are or you aren't, right?! Anyway, that aside I opted for the Huevos Rancheros a la GF styleee! 

It was ok, although I have to say it looked nicer than it tasted! A little cold (as there was a mixture of cold and hot ingredients) and toasted GF wraps are always entertaining to eat with a knife and fork....cue bits shattering everywhere/ unable to stab with fork/ dropping off fork left, right and centre! Would I brave the buggies again? Probably not but its always good to know there are options there if needed!

Now onto my little chocolate discoveries! Montezumas ( were pushing their Kingdom bars of choc on my recent visit! 10/10 for the sales guy at Spitalfields because I walked out with a bar after sampling!

Well, I am a sucker for chocolate orange and it didn't disappoint!

Finally had a little scout around Aldi the other day, I'm so behind the times! I wasn't bowled over by the experience but I was pleasantly surprised that many of their chocolate bars did not have a "may contains" for wheat or gluten, unlike their counterparts, Lidl. Therefore the option of cheap GF choc is now available, something to celebrate eh?! 

In all seriousness, this bar of white choc is really Milky Bar good but chunky like a Yorkie!! Think this could be a dangerous discovery!

Well, I'm hoping the salad pots and healthy dinners outweigh the works like that doesn't it?! Have a great fortnight everyone! Xx (@lizprice79)