Sunday, 8 February 2015

Wherefore Art Thou?

Ok, a predictable blog title this week but it just had to be done! Apart from the obvious link (coming up in a mo!) I will dedicate this weeks blog to the little GF joys that I have discovered during the past couple of weeks......begging the question "Where have you been all my GF life?!"

Soooo here we go, let me have me have my moment......"Romeo, Romeo.....wherefore art thou......Oh Romeo's GF bakery on Upper Street Islington!?!!" (

I was as giddy as a schoolgirl when I stumbled upon Romeo's GF bakery during a recent day trip out! Yes, I'd heard rumblings about this bakery and yes I'd read good things on Twitter I headed off for a civilised Saturday morning jewellery making with my friend, I must admit I hadn't given the bakery a second thought (shocker...I know!!).

After waiting some time to be seated, my polite request to sit down, was met with an abrupt nod by a rather surly waitress. Sadly, she didn't get any more enthusiastic or helpful as the experience progressed! Nevertheless, it was going to take more than that to put me off the array of GF baked goodies on offer!! My non GF friend and I both opted for the eggs benedict and were particularly impressed with the quality of the bread

Unfortunately, it was with a very heavy heart, that I had to admit "fullness" and forgo the amazing cake selection. I did, however take Dale a slice of chocolate cake back (I know, what a good wife eh?!)

I did, of course sample a bite and it was very good! I also brought home a small, garlic loaf which I quickly sliced and £4.99 for a small size I didn't want to run the risk of it going stale! It's fab and toasts well....particularly when smothered in cheese!

I will, most definitely be visiting Romeo's again! The food was excellent and it was reassuring to know the whole bakery is GF! However, I hope to be served by the charming guy behind the counter next time!

Dale and I returned to La Polenteria in Soho last Friday! ( After contacting me on Twitter and encouraging me to come back, I had to smile when we were asked if we had booked a table! The restaurant was empty!!! Nevertheless, they managed to squeeze us in and all was well!

It seemed a much slicker set up than our last visit. The menus were clear and there was more choice. I was reassured everything was GF including all the polenta dishes, pasta dishes and gnocchi! Suddenly, it became much more tricky to choose! It was a freezing cold night so we both went for the wild boar on top of a bed of polenta

You can see the steam! It was quite peppery which aids the whole warming situation! It was delicious but, to be honest, I could have done with a little bit more! However, the plus point was it left room for pudding! Loads of choice but I finally decided on the polenta with mascarapone and jam!

Now, I can understand that this flavour / texture combo might not be up everyone's street but it was certainly up mine! Creamy and very filling! Maybe larger portions for the main course and smaller for the pudding might be the way forward! Either way we had a great night! It's perhaps a little on the pricey side (approx £50 for 2 courses and 2 soft drinks each) but certainly worth it to have something a bit different!

Ok, now I'm aware that I'm running the risk of becoming boring but hear me out! I know I've blogged about Cookies and Scream ( in Camden before but they truly are AH-MAZE-ING!! (and vegan too!) Dale took a little trip out on Thursday and proudly presented me with 2 cookies - 1 brand new one and 1 of my all time faves! Firstly, the brand new ginger biscuit

As you can see, I had already dismantled it before I remembered to take a picture! Woweeeeee! This will blow your socks off! It's certainly ginger alright! It was great but I had to tackle it in stages! My mouth was on fire but I couldn't stop eating! It was like one of those American food challenges! Surprise, surprise I made it to the end in one piece! Amazing! Go and get one now and enjoy the ride!

Dale also brought me a choc chip pic cos I ate it too quickly! This truly is my all time favourite choc chip cookie.....including the cookies I used to eat in my gluten eating days!!! It's the only product I have found that I enjoy more than the gluten filled equivalent! High praise indeed eh?! Go ahead and buy my friends......but leave me some or there'll be trouble!!!

Yesterday, I was reluctantly dragged along to another micro brewery (@BeavertownBeer) Dale to emerse myself in a little bit of brewing heaven! However, things started to look up! No......there wasn't anything more exciting for me to drink than a carton of tropical juice BUT there was something pretty exciting to eat! The Colombian St Kitchen ( (@colombiakitchen) had a pop up at the brewery- yay! Better still, I had tweeted them the night before and they informed me all their items would be GF...Double Yey! It was lovely to meet the Colombia St Kitchen crew and even more lovely to tuck into a tasty beef and onion empanada!

Can you see how happy I am?! Suddenly, being on an industrial estate, on a cold February afternoon, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by beer I can't didn't seem so bad!!! Thank you Colombia St Kitchen for brightening up my afternoon! Keep up the good work and I hope to track you down at another pop up event very soon!

Finally, on the "where have you been all my life" theme, I just want to give a  shout out to these little beauties!

My goodness, these should come with a warning.....dangerously morish! The Food Doctor ( roasted bean mix is fab! As you know, I have a nut allergy so this kinda snack is usually out of bounds for me! It does come with a "may contain traces....." nut warning so I'll leave that with you! But to be able to munch on something with this kind of texture was truly exciting! I bought them in my last Freego ( order but am keeping my eyes open to see if I can pick them up in other places too!

Well, on that note I will sign off! We are off to Madrid for half term! Excited to see what GF loveliness might be on offer there! I've heard rumours of GF churros eeeeek!!! I might not come back! Look forward to telling you all about it! Have a happy fortnight! Xx (@lizprice79)


  1. Argh! When I come up to London for the Allergy Show I'm going to have to stay for two days to be able to visit all the cafe's and restaurants you keep recommending, haha! I'm chomping at the bit to see Cookies and Scream for myself, and I really do want to stop in at Romeo's as well (even if the service is a bit grumpy, I'm so eager to see what amazing things they do!). Going to have to get you to make me a list of the 'must try' places before I go!

  2. Happy to help, lol! Just give me a shout :0) Romeo's is definitely worth a visit, I'm sure I was just unlucky with the service :0/ Cookies and Scream is definitely my fave!! making me hungry just thinking about them..........;0)

  3. Hi there, I am sure you are fine but if you need help to find places to eat in Madrid I will be happy to help. But you MUST go to Celicioso it's heaven!!

  4. Hi, thank you so much, that's really kind! I struggled a bit for the first couple of days but have found a few places now. Hope to make it to El Arozzal tomorrow and went to Celicioso! Got to try and go back before heading home! Thanks again!